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NMR Tubes
EPR Tubes
NMR Tubes - Special Purpose
Fluoropolymer Tubing
Deuterated Solvents
Benchtop Spectrometer
NMRTubes NMR Tubes
EPRTubes EPR Tubes

Norell EPR tubes produce lower background signals and have better resistance to breakage than competitor brands. Additionally, we have designed a new fluoropolymer closure system around our fire-polished tube ends that prevents sample loss during temperature gradients.

Available in both standard and ultra precision. Supplied with tapered fluoropolymer caps. 

specialPurposeTubes NMR Tubes - Special Purpose
fluoropolymerTubing Fluoropolymer Tubing
accessories Accessories
deuterated.jpg Deuterated Solvents
NMR Deuterated Solvents are for the USA market ONLY.
web-thumbnail_nmready.jpg Benchtop Spectrometer

NMReadyâ„¢ is a revolutionary benchtop NMR
spectrometer. As the only all-in-one instrument available, it has a
built-in touchscreen with an easy-to-use interface that makes data
acquisition & processing simple, even for non-experts, without
increasing the footprint of the spectrometer.

No matter what your application -
teaching, research or industry - the NMReady offers spectroscopic
resolution at a fraction of the size, cost and maintenance of current

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